Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello there... it’s been a long time!

After the excitement of my first 'Linked In' request, the phone rang for a field producing job. My head was spinning. Do I pass up what could be the start of a long relationship with a new company? After 15 years of jetting-off on location week after week it would have been a no brainer BC (before children). With two away dates of seven days straight each I just could not bring myself to up and leave the kids with a new (yet to be hired) nanny. Seven days was just two days to many.

Hello things we missed you
Having only lived in Australia 10 weeks, I'm half kicking myself for saying no. However our shipping only arrived one week ago and we had been camping out in our rental house on air beds and no personal items.

The past two weeks has seen emotional wobbles from all of us. The children have been questioning why we left the UK, stating they have no friends and they miss their old home, schools and friends. All this is normal and to be expected.  To be honest,  I have moments of feeling the same and think ‘what have we done’ leaving amazing friends to start over again.

But come Monday, the shoot date start I had happy kids having made more friends during the week and I started thinking that I should have just gone for it. But as a mum I was worrying about being away from them so early in the move.

Juggling family and work is never going to be easy, but all I can be is honest and hope the phone rings again.

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  1. Only 10 weeks. I have emotional wobbles after 18months! And I still have no job. (hotelier without a hotel).