Sunday, 14 July 2013

3 months on

Money where your mouth is.

I did it. Sold the family home and packed our family of 4 off to  Australia.  It's early days of our new/old life and I'm looking forward to not sleeping on a blow up bed... as we wait for the shipping.  I had visions of going back to work within a month or so of arriving and just getting on with our new life downunder.

I mean how hard can it be? Up rooting the family and starting again! After all its not the first time I have moved countries, but it is with kids.  I have watched all those "A life in country/sea/Spain/France" shows and people did it with no problems at all.  And after all I am heading back to family and old friends so it should be easy.

And in someways it has been for me, as they are my family and old friends, but not my kids. As a mother I need to factor in the feelings and emotions of my very young children how long it will take to settle into schools and life. But after a lot of tears and real feelings my first job at hand is to be a mum to my kids and get them started in school and pre school (aka nursery) so for the next month or so it's coffees with old work mates and watching a lot of TV to work out which blonde skinny presenter is who.

Which is exactly the same thing that happened over a decade ago when I moved to the UK.  I had gone from being and Entertainment producer to finding myself asking who are Ant & Dec and Davina McCall not to mention finding it hard to understand what northern presenters were saying.

Things have changed, my old researcher/friend is now the 'Weather girl', reality contestants 'present' better than the host and international reality shows flood the airwaves.  The other thing I have noticed in the short 3 weeks I have been back, is that Australian commissioners have joined their UK counterparts in commissioning shows at the 12th hour and jobs need filling URGENTLY or tomorrow.

Which really sucks if you have a family or life.

I am also being told that there has been a flood of  Brits working on the BIG glossy floor shows and the big 4 have all the work.  So its seems that on both sides of the globe telly types are the same.


  1. And it's great to have you back!

  2. Great to hear your settling in but sorry to hear the job front is the same.

    Can't say at least you have good weather as you've left us with a mini heatwave although its quite nice knitting in the garden at The Star.

    Hope the kids settle in soon, we miss you.