Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Where do I sign up! Let's sing it.

Confidence booster spray tan for Jobless

Metro paper London report
When I first read this, I thought 'Oh what next?' It's great publicity for those offering the spray tan but how crazy.

Then I thought again and now I think it's a good idea,
not just for jobseekers but for anyone who has lost self-confidence.  Self-confidence relates to self-assuredness in one's personal judgement, ability and power to do something or be something.

So whatever it takes to help change someone's opinion of themselves, so be it, and if that is a spray tan, then lucky them. 

I, on the other hand, am not keen on the orange look and so why I 100% get the Gok Wan-style make over to help build lost self-confidence it is only one area that should be looked at in helping and gaining back confidence

I have written about confidence before with Fake it, the next step is to look at practical ways in getting it back and keeping it in when things are not within your control or not going the way you want them to or as fast as you would like.

Remember now is not forever, it's only the start of what is to come and there is always a song out there to help you along the way.

1. You are not alone.

I'm not about to sing you a Micheal Jackson song, but no matter where you are chances are there is someone somewhere in the world having similar thoughts, fears and doubts as you. If it helps belt out Whitney Houston's One Moment in Time.
And to quote a quote from Twitter:

2. Now is not forever.

Whatever your situation now it's NOT forever. It only takes 1 phone call, 1 interview and 1 "yes" and everything changes. 

This rather random song by Jordin Sparks may not be a chart topper but the lyrics will ring home.
3. A step back is not always backwards.
If you're returning to work after a longish break keep an open mind about your role. A step back is not always a step down and you could be simply facing the wrong way. All steps are a sign of moving and that is a good thing.  I could quote a Whitney Houston song again but now it's over to...
4. Think like an employer.

When you're away from the professional environment we get focused on us so, put yourself in the employers' seat and take steps towards being someone you would hire.  

And if you want flexible working hours, great, that is the ideal for all mums, however be sure it works for the company too and not just the school run times,   
Over to you Dolly...

5. Change your mind.
Don't worry if you start out thinking you are going to look for work as an "X" and you change your mind to "Y".  It's ok you're a girl after all and nothing is set in stone, you are not fixed as your last credit as some will try to make out. 

 Be what you want to be.

6. Today's paper is tomorrow's fish n chip wrapper.

You can always start again, no matter where you left off or how bad you thought the last job was, everyone can start over.  Just be realistic about what you can do and your skills, take a course, start reading, research, be active in learning new things.  

After all you're not getting any younger...

7. Dare to Dream.
Dare to Dream as no one can take these away from you but yourself. Life is too short and after all we girls really just want to have fun. (thanks Cyndi)


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  1. I get it!
    For me it's a manicure. Especially working at home. Even if I'm in jeans and an old top with no makeup, nice nails seem to make everything okay and remind me that I CAN do this! And that I'm actually quite good at it!