Thursday, 26 December 2013

TV Glamour

My re-entry into the Oz TV job market has seen me dive head first into a Network glossy, the faces behind the scenes are familiar, just a bit older.  

It's been a busy three months, juggling family with a high travel work load. I more than enjoy the work and my time away, but do miss the day to day of being mum, hearing what happens each day in person, bed time stories and kisses.   

It's a double edge sword.  

I would be lying if I said I don't love sleeping in on my day off and not been woken at 5.30am by little feet.


Cab #6
Traveling light
Always the window
Dinner on the late shift

Data wrangling at midnight
Sleep anytime

When it's too late for room service

It's how I roll... rocking the PPE
Not such a mans world
Com's... slipper little sucker

Late night dinner - the healthy option

TV, laptop, tablet ... Oh & IPhone (4 is a crowd)

Producer-types day off #whatafeeling

Office on the road

Flying home with 6 others, everyone sitting head down in tablets. Lucky the lounge has good wine.


  1. So glad to see things are working out for you in Oz,

    Happy Christmas xxxx