Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dealing with rejection. Thanks but NO thanks.

Dealing with rejection

No one likes to be turned down, whether it's a job or a date.  I must admit I'm writing this while watching the "Undateables" and drinking red wine and thinking about how lucky I am.

So how do you move on from rejection without having a Bridget Jones moment?  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a graduate no one likes or admits to being rejected or turned down for any role.  It's just not British to talk about these things, but then I'm not British and us Aussies say it like we feel, this is the reason for the blog. 

So how do you pick yourself up once you have put yourself 'out there' but the answer is 'on this occasion....'.

Once you have said the 'insert four letter word', pick yourself up, breathe and say 'their loss' and as Jed Bartlet from The West Wing would say "what's next?"  There are many reasons you may not have got the job and sometimes it is not a reflection on you. Usually there was someone else they knew or who had just finished a job doing the exact same thing available for the role.

Ask the question. This is your chance to ask for feedback that will help you.  It's always hard not knowing why you did not get the role when you have the experience.  Don't lose 2 or 3 days playing the pity game, instead ask!.  When you do get feedback try to see what you learn from it – perhaps lots, maybe nothing. If they can’t or won’t give you any advice, best not to chase them. The reality is it’s been passed down the line to someone removed from the process to reply.  No feedback is incredibly frustrating, but that is the way some people roll.

Stay off social media.  All you need is a good cry, maybe a really good cry, a coffee or wine and 24 hours and the world will seem OK again. Times are tough for all of us getting work and with just 1 in maybe 70 people all wanting the same role. It seems crazy but this is the reality now.

How much do you want it? This is a real question with 10+ years’ experience -  what else could you do instead of television?  Now this bit is a work in progress and I’m still wondering if there is anything else that I could do. Perhaps there is a business waiting to happen, an ex-TV producers recruitment agency  (one that returns emails and calls).

Lastly, remember what is important,

Jobs come and go in the TV world, you win some you lose some but tomorrow it will all seem a little better. Today I said no to what would have been a lovely little Doco job for BBC2. Why turn down such a nice credit? Money well the lack of it for such a role, but that’s another blog. 

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