Friday, 18 January 2013

Live outside the box

Don't knock it until you try it.

Two weeks ago I decided to try something new. Getting out of the house on a Monday night without kids or hubby and something even more wild... attending a local knitting group.

Yes shocking! I know! It's a far cry from hanging out with the who's who of the music world or flying business class to amazing locations or freezing my butt off doing interviews on the red carpet.

But life is what it is and after watching one to many "Location, Location, Locations" I find myself living in 'an idyllic village' just a short 45 minute commute to Waterloo, yet wanting to live in the city.

Stitch n bitch, as it's named, meets in a local pub (bonus) and half way through the night random amounts of musician turn up to jam at the pub's folk night.  So it is very cool in a geekish way.  The people are lovely, they don't want me to pay them for their knowledge and they are really and I mean really into knitting.   I on the other hand am very much a novice.

Now I'm not asking you to join me, but just to seek out new things to try, go on - be daring.. the world's your oyster.


  1. "Cool in a geekish way"!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! It was so lovely to meet you the other week, Loretta.. hope to see you again soon xx

  2. Hi Loretta,
    I'm all geared up to join the group too, when I return to the UK later in the year. I'm 42 and am travelling by boat through the inland waterways in Europe (well, at the moment I'm in Spain, but that's a brief break). I've learned (amongst other things) to crochet while I've been away. Look forward to meeting you when I get back & can join the group properly, rather than being a facebook-hanger-on!

  3. Wow never been called cool before lol, we are glad to help you learn Lorretta.

    Don't forget there is always the Wednesday lunchtime group too, same pub but different group "The Crafty Cuppa"

    See you soon xxx