Friday, 26 October 2012

Transportable skills

What do you do when you officially have not worked for a very long time?

First take a look at your skill set and apply them to being a mum.  Why?  Well they tell me skills are very transportable and it's more fun than looking for a real job!

1. Excellent time management. 
Kiddy dinner
Only a mum knows how 1 minute late for dinner can turn into a Dr Suess story gone wrong.

2. Working with on air talent, contributors and creatives.
Amazing training for a mum with toddlers and a five year old going on teenager.
3. Budgeting.
Easy when the wallet says "NO more" it means it's gone and it's baked beans for dinner.

4. Manage small and large teams.
Essential skill for anyone going to a playgroup.
What you find in my handbag
5. Experience with single camera crews and multi camera shoots, underwater filming, mounted cameras, working with stunt coordinators, government bodies, tourism offices. 
In reality it means I'm the mum who takes all the photos and videos at everyone's parties, books and finds party venues and arranges the girls' night out.

 6. Familiar with all production paper work, movement orders, call sheets extra.
 Training for the never ending piles of paper found in your kids nursery and school book bags.

7. Scripting half and full hour factual programmes and entertainment news.
Very important to be able to tell a story and feed the mummy grapevine that would put any tabloid to shame!

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